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RaceWorks BMW 3-Series Enduro Coilovers

RaceWorks BMW 3-Series Enduro Coilovers

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BMW 3-Series  Coilovers

The RaceWorks Enduro Coilover System uses an upgraded inverted mono-tube shock focused more towards racing rather than comfort. While still an excellent street shock, the adjustment makes the shock much stiffer than the 172S model. The Enduro is perfect for extreme use such as track events, autocross, HPDE, and drifiting. Another side benefit to the Enduro is the sensitive area of the shock in contained with in the nickel plated shock body which extends the life cycle of the shock absorber as no debris can compromise the top seal. This set up is very popular for track enthusiasts and we would recommend requesting custom spring rates for this type of use.


Front Lowering: 0 to -30mm
Rear Lowering: 0 to -30mm

  • Highly Customizable
  • Nickel Plated Shock Body
  • Aluminum Piston 
  • Height Adjustment Independent Of Spring Compression
  • Rebound Adjustable
  • Front Camber Plate Upper Mounts Standard
  • Rear Pillowball Upper Mounts Standard 
  • Eibach FRONT Springs Standard
  • Valving Paired For Standard/ Custom Spring Rates
  • 3-Year Warranty Against Manufacturers Defect
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • (2) Front assemblies 
  • (2) Rear assemblies 
  • 10k F/ 12k R standard rates