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Review Archive

Here's all the product reviews posted on the site (in no particular order):


SUBARU IMPREZA GC8 (172S + Eibach)
I was running a cheap set of coilovers on my car when I got my 172s with eibach springs the build quality was amazing all the welds and the nickel coating was great. I just installed the coilovers recently and omg my car feels like its brand new it absorbs bumps really well its a night a day difference. I am happy, really happy with these coilovers and would recommend them to anyone.

BMW E90 335i (Novak) 
I just installed the Novak’s on my e92 335i and after riding around for a few days, I can say they feel absolutely amazing. My car rides brand new and there’s little to no body roll. I’m blown away at the build quality and I’m excited to see how they handle on the track this summer. Really amazing customer service aswell. Very quick responses and easy to deal with. I would recommend these coilovers to anyone in the market that want very well priced, and quality products.

Although Raceworks Coilovers cost a little more than the budget brands, they're well worth the price. The install was easy and after getting everything adjusted, my car looks better sitting and driving. The ride is amazing, and my car from 1992 feels better over bumps than all the new models I've ridden in. All the body roll is gone when I corner now, so I'm faster around the track and the car just looks better turning. And when I load up friends or my tires in the back, it used to squat and rub over bumps and now I dont have that issue even though the car sits lower. All in all these are 10/10 and I recommend them over any and all other coilover options.

MAZDA RX-7 FC (172S)
Ordered a set of these for my 87 turbo 2 and went with a softer spring rate because it's a street car I went with 8k front and 6k rear. After the install I had to do a good amount of adjusting to get it where I wanted as far as ride quality but after that I've been pretty impressed, they soak up big bumps with out bottoming out and have made the car handle so much better. The overall build quality is very nice and I look forward to seeing how they hold up.

I bought these after purchasing my BRZ a few months ago as my first mod. I liked the price and 3 year warranty. Rep was available every time to answer questions and was very friendly. Put these on last weekend and I’m amazed how well they’re built and how great they feel on the road. Not bouncy, no noises. Very very happy! Thank you Raceworks!

I want to say beforehand I am no stranger to coilover suspensions. I have used various coilover setups in the past and while some of them held up, some of them didn't. I have limited funds so I try to buy the best parts for my car for the money I spend. These coilovers cost more than the sets I usually buy but it was worth it! When these arrived, I was blown away the minute I opened the box. The fit and finish on these coilovers is top notch! Everything came securely packaged and bubble wrapped. They come fully assembled, ready to be installed on your car. The 172s are also fully rebuildable and they come with a 3 year warranty to boot! Installation was as simple as remove and replace, and everything fit like it was OEM. All installation hardware was included. The rebound adjusters are easy to reach front and rear when installed on the car. The post-installation ride was WOW! The car sits about 1.5" lower than stock. There is a road near my home that is notoriously bumpy, I decided that I would use that road for my test. On the OEM suspension my car would bounce and shimmy over this road. My OEM suspension was in great shape, no blown shocks. On the 172s, I was halfway down that same road before I realized the car wasn't bucking and shimmying like usual! I went up and down that road two or three times! I have also noticed the car is cornering flatter too! I am SUPER impressed with the 172s, so much so that I am going to switch my project Miata to a set!

SCION XB (Novak)

Super happy with how the product turned out for being such a new company to the entire market. Always there to communicate or answer any questions so id 10/10 recommend

NISSAN 350Z (Novak)
Superb build quality, and they're too pretty to install. The ride on crappy NJ roads is great. No bounce, not harsh at all. Lowered about 2" front and back. Love the true coilover rear. Easy to set up and RaceWorks answered tech questions quickly. Buy them, you wont be disappointed.

I lifted my foz with these. Camber adjusted easily. Great ride. Worth the money. Thanks RaceWorks, you make a great product!

High quality and the ride is very comfortable for my daily. Not bouncy or harsh at all.

Well built, ride is perfect, handling is great. Drop super low if you want. I have them set about 1” lower than stock. Worth the money!

Sorry for taking so long to leave a review. These coilovers are on my X and I replaced the coilovers that came on my car. I noticed an immediate difference on my first drive. At the end of my road it’s really bumpy because of trucks and my car used to bounce really hard but now going over those bumps it just soaks them up. I thought it’d be too soft since it was so comfortable but on a drive with some friends through Deals Gap it handles amazing. Car stays nice and flat. Love them!

HONDA S2000 (172S)
No regrets. They look amazing and the ride is perfect. Worth every penny!

HONDA S2000 (Novak)
I’ve had most brands of coilovers through the years, for the price, these are the best I’ve had yet. Superb quality and excellent ride. Easy to adjust and install. Would give 10 stars if I could!

Opened the box and was amazed how well built these were. Was a little hesitant to buy with no reviews but I’m glad I did. These are very high quality and installed with ease. Ride is close to factory on full soft. Turned up the dial and it felt stiffer but still very comfortable. I’d buy them again without a second thought. Thank you RaceWorks for a great product!

Installed these to replace the worn suspension on my 986. Excellent ride, superb quality. Highly recommend.

VW GOLF (172S)
I daily drive my car and these coilovers feel amazing. I do autocross in the spring and summer and they perform flawlessly!

PORSCHE 997 (172S)
Fitted these to my 997.2 C4S and they soak up terrible UK roads with perfection! My car feels brand new all over again. Renewed enjoyment!

The fit and finish is great. Installed and adjusted easily. The ride is much smoother than other suspensions I’ve owned. Would recommend them.

The fit and finish is great. Installed and adjusted easily. The ride is much smoother than other suspensions I’ve owned. Would recommend them.

MAZDA RX8 (172S)
I bought these to replace my bouncy old coilovers. Everything about them is leaps and bounds better! The ride, the overall feel, everything. I love them and would buy them again in a heartbeat!!!

PORSCHE 996 (Novak)
These coilovers are absolutely perfect for my C2. I love everything about them. Excellent customer service.

Had a great conversation before buying them, answered all of my questions. The coilovers are great quality - exactly what I’d expect for the price. The ride is so perfect on the street. Car feels very planted and predictable. Don’t hesit to buy them!

Great quality, amazing ride. Excellent communication. Highly recommend.

Let me start by saying Ive experienced other brands of coilovers in the past. Most of them are a very stiff or very bouncy ride. After installing my Overland's, I took the car for a ride and was immediately blown away... on full soft dampening, they felt like oem struts. No bounce, and a fairly plush ride. After corner balancing and dialing them in, the car feels amazing. Its stiff and responsive but not bone jarring. The nickle plating really helps with adjustability. I found the collars moved nice and free even after a few thousand miles. The dampners have a nice firm click for each setting, and the camber plates are very rugged and great overall quality. The lower mounting portion was an exact fit, including provisions to attach abs sensors and brake lines. The tophats fit the chassis just as perfectly. There has been zero noises coming from the coilovers with turning or bumps. The pillowball mounts basically eliminate any coil bind you would find with other brands. The long travel capability is amazing... I can raise the car for winter or rallycross, and lower it for autocross and car shows. I'm a very happy customer and I give these coils a solid 10 out of 10. Especially at their price point. Thanks RaceWorks for making a quality part, thats affordable, and durable.