RaceWorks Shock Rebuild Procedure

Start by removing all components of the coilover assembly so you are holding just a shock cartridge:

1) 17mm/ 19mm top nut

2) camber plate/ top mount pulls off upwards

3) pull spring upwards from perch

4) slide off dustboot/ bump stop

5) remove lower mount by rotating counter-clockwise

Next you will open the shock to disassemble:

1) remove date sticker from bottom end cap

2) remove Phillips head screw exposing rubber seal

3) insert needle to release pressure and push down on the shock to compress

4) press end cap upwards to expose C-clip

5) use a small flat head screw driver to release c-clip

6) put the shock in a small bucket/ container, rod end up

7) push rod all the way down to force the internals out from the bottom.

8) on the top of the shock, twist the dust cover to expose c-clip and remove the clip with a flat head screw driver.

Replace seals and o-rings on top and bottom end caps, replace the dust cover and prepare for reassembly:

1) insert the rod/ piston assembly from the bottom of the shock. Pull the rod to fully extend the shock.

2) refill shock with fresh oil (stop filling 2” from the top)

3) install floating piston

4) install end cap and c-clip

5) recharge nitrogen to 180psi

6) replace Phillips head screw

You can Now reassemble your coilovers and reinstall.