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RaceWorks Warranty Terms

General Warranty Information

All products sold are subject to the following warranty:

RaceWorks warrants the coilover assembly to the original retail consumer against defects and workmanship for 36 months from the original purchase date when used on vehicle applications under normal operating conditions. This warranty does not apply to coilover assemblies that have been improperly installed.

Exterior finish on all RaceWorks products is not considered a valid warrantee; consumers are responsible for the maintenance of paint and or nickel or plated finish.

Rusted shafts will also be denied as a warrantee claim; consumers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the chrome rods.

The consumer will be responsible for the removal and shipping costs to RaceWorks.  

RaceWorks has the right to refuse a warrantee claim if procedures are not met by the original consumer. All returns must have an R.M.A. approval from RaceWorks prior to shipping direct to the RaceWorks facility. Exclusions from this warranty are sales outside of the United States, the finish, dents, rust, or any condition caused by abnormal use or neglect. 

The loss of use of product, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss or damages is not covered. RaceWorks reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the design of any products previously manufactured without assuming any obligation to the consumer. Any consumer which qualifies for a replacement of said discontinued product will only be allowed to receive new product which replaces the discontinued. We are not responsible for a pair of any product, if a single product has an issue. 

RaceWorks reserves the right to refuse any and all warrantee claims from any distributor which has not purchased the original RaceWorks product directly from RaceWorks. RaceWorks also reserves the right to refuse any Return Goods Authorization of said merchandise in which it is believed to be fraudulent or distressed merchandise not purchased originally from RaceWorks.

This warrantee does not apply to any RaceWorks product which has been modified, customized, painted, dented, or improperly installed.