About Us

You're here because you've never heard of us and you want to know who RaceWorks is...I'm glad you're looking as in-depth as you are! We, like you are car enthusiasts. Handling has always been a large factor in previous builds, so lots of trial and error have been long sorted. We're not a name you're familiar with because 100% of the effort was putting our product in customers hands and having them be amazed from the moment they opened the box. Now that we have people that can back up the quality promises, you'll start seeing the RaceWorks name pop up more and more. In fact, you probably saw it and that's how you ended up here.

RaceWorks (formerly RennenWerke) was founded back in 2008 with sights set on offering a more versatile suspension offering for the Porsche 996 and 986. There was no shortage on offerings, but you either had to pay a premium price because of a name, and/or you paid more because of a badge on the bonnet.

Of course, there were some options in the lower end of the spectrum for about $800-1000 (before the “Porsche tax” is assessed. Those options are typically ones that wouldn’t necessarily be considered.

Our idea was to fall somewhere in the middle, cut the Porsche tax, and offer a great suspension that was ready to go out of the box. We backed it with a great warranty and service options, and the rest is history.

A short time ago, we began collecting data to expand beyond the single marque and started serving as many people as possible. All of our suspensions, no matter the application, go through the same rigorous quality control tests and get the same premium parts. I probably lost most people that would normally come here, but here you are. Did you know that the discount code freeshipping on our checkout page will give you free shipping? Try it. Zero dollars. 

We sell direct to the consumer...what that means for you; we don't have to inflate profits so a middle-man can get a cut. Our costs stay lower so you get get more for your money. Even better, have a problem, come to us. Question, come to us.

We hope to have you as our next customer and we will strive to exceed your expectations from your first visit and beyond!