RaceWorks Overland Coilover Suspension

Overland Lift Coilovers

Lift/ Street Coilovers:
The ideal coilover suspension for customers who want to LIFT for winter and lower for summer. The shock dampening can be adjusted for different road conditions or performance. The Overland is based on the 172S variant with a longer assembly to achieve flexible height adjustment. The Overland is slightly softer than the 172S to soak up bumps on harsh gravel roads. If you plan to use these in dusty conditions, we recommend using coilover covers.

If you don't see your application listed for the Overland, we can make it provided we already have your application listed under 172S or Novak. Please use our contact page to inquire about the Overland for your vehicle.

Adjustment Range

Front Adjustment: +1.0" to -2"
Rear Adjustment: +1.0" to -2"
  • Adjustable Mono-Tube Shock
  • Softer shock for absorbing bumps
  • Nickel Plated coilover shock body
  • Torrington Bearing
  • Aluminum Piston
  • Synthetic shock oil
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Quick fill nitrogen valve
  • Easily rebuilt
  • 3 year warranty
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