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RaceWorks Novak Coilovers

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There are quite a number of brand options in the $1000 price range. Why is the RaceWorks Novak any different from those others? Well, first and foremost, we don’t use a painted steel shock. Ours is nickel plated. As you may have seen in our blog post ‘Nickel plating is a gimmick...’ ours won’t corrode like the others. If you live in an area that gets snow, they treat the roads with salt and that’s a recipe for rust.

Our Novak model, like the others gets the same internal components as our higher priced models. Stainless and aluminum internals. Just because it has a lower price does not mean we cut corners. You’ll get Camber plates and pillowball upper mounts where applicable. You can choose your own rates at no extra cost and we build them to suit those rates! We don’t just swap springs. You want a 16k spring? It’s valved to accommodate a 16k spring.

If you’re going to spend $1000 on a suspension, get more for your money with our Novak; you won’t be disappointed. We have the reviews to back up our promise.


Street/ Touring Suspension
The Novak is our entry-level suspension for customers who want to adjust ride height and maintain road manners. The shock rebound force can be adjusted for different road conditions or performance. Superior build quality at an affordable price. The Novak is built by an overseas partner in Taiwan to our exact specifications, which allows us to offer you a lower price. Same build and features as the 172S for a reduced price! Servicing is performed at our office in the USA. The Novak will ship from our overseas partner.

Front Lowering: 0.0" to 4”
Rear Lowering: 0.0" to 4”
  • Adjustable Shock
  • Nickel plated (corrosion resistant)
  • Monotube construction
  • Aluminum Piston
  • Synthetic shock oil
  • Perfect fit laser cut mounts
  • Mounts include OEM brackets (Brake lines & Sensors)
  • Pillowball/ Camber Plate Standard*
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Easily rebuilt
  • 3 year warranty

*Pillowball/ Camber plates on applicable models

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